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Thank you for your ongoing support during these unprecedented times. The orders have been coming in thick & fast, keeping me busy and sane. We are also ensuring we keep our stockists topped up so you can all make delicious and healthy food for you and whoever your “lockdown family” has become! Some of them are operating an online service so if you are wanting a one-stop shop do ask them to add Nonya Secrets sauces to your basket. Check out our list of stockists here.

Last Easter, I had to adapt the traditional recipes to a barbeque lunch as we were treated to one of the hottest Easter Sundays I can remember. No one wanted a roast lunch indoors and every one adjourned to the garden! 


My Easter Menu


Recipes can be found on the website, as well as video tutorials on my Youtube channel and on instagram!

Sadly as we’ll still be in lockdown over Easter, we’ll not be able to have the joy of a family gathering.  Why not cheer up friends & family by gifting Nonya Secrets sauces to them? Have a curry evening and share the experience together over a ‘virtual’ dinner party!

Wishing you a happy Easter,
Maureen Suan Neo

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