The sweet, sour and chilli flavours of  Nonya Secrets Surani sauce goes very well with this vegetable and is so simple to prepare.  I love aubergines but find it absorbs too much oil when stir-frying.  One way of getting around this problem is to barbeque the aubergines.


2 aubergines

2 tablespoons of Nonya Secrets Surani sauce diluted with 1 tablespoon water


Heat the charcoal in your barbeque before starting to cook.

Cut the aubergines in half across the length of it.

Score the surface of the cut side with criss-cross incisions.

Brush the surfaces with the Surani sauce and place the aubergines in kitchen foil.

Leave to cook over the charcoal grill until the aubergines are soft enough to scoop out with a spoon.


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