These Thai specialities feature on every restaurant menu as appetisers.  In Thailand they would be made with a local river fish called Grey Featherback. These are now available in frozen packets from your oriental supermarket.  However, you could also use any white fish such as whiting or cod.  Add green tiger prawns to help achieve a sticky firm paste. They do not require to be covered in breadcrumbs.  The fried fish cakes should be spongy and firm in texture, not soft and flaky like the European fishcakes.

Makes 16-20 pieces


500 g /16 oz white fish fillet, such as whiting, cod or haddock

200 g/8 oz green (raw) tiger prawns

2 tablespoonful Nonya Secrets Red curry mix

125 g /5 oz fine green beans, thinly sliced into rings

6 kaffir lime leaves, finely sliced

1 dessertspoon sugar

1 tablespoons fish sauce

2 cups vegetable oil for deep frying


Check through the fish fillet for bones and chop into bite-sized pieces.  De-vein the prawns.  Put the fish and prawns into the food processor together with the curry paste, lime leaves, beans and seasoning ingredients.  Process into a smooth paste and the ingredients are well amalgamated.  Mix in the hand-chopped beans by hand.


Grease your palm with vegetable oil.  This is to prevent the mixture from sticking to the palm. Take 1 tablespoonful of mixture and roll into a ball then flatten to form a flattish disc.  Make up the patties until all the mixture is used up.


Heat vegetable oil in a small wok or deep fryer and fry the fish cakes over medium heat until golden brown.  Serve with cucumber and carrot relish, sprinkled with chopped roasted peanuts.

The fried fish cake can be frozen once they have cooled down.


Cucumber, carrot & peanut relish

½ Cucumber, peeled

½ carrot, peeled

1 tablespoon chopped peanuts

1 cup sweet chilli sauce

Remove seeds from the cucumber and finely chop them.  Do the same with the carrots.  Add 2 teaspoons salt and set aside to draw out the moisture from the vegetables. After an hour or so, squeeze out the excess moisture over a sieve and add the vegetables to a cup of sweet chilli sauce.  Sprinkle chopped nuts over the top.


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